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Pantheon cupola.jpg

Pantheum Rome was born from the desire of threeBoysRomans wanting to offer a new face to watchmakingItalian

Theproject, started in 2018, was inspired by one of themonumentsmost representative historians of the city of Rome - the Pantheon - which stimulated the vision of the brand and the design of the watch. 

We wanted to choose a fixed point, capable of uniting the ambition with the historical roots ofRome, something that had really left a markindelibleand that it was still recognized as such today.

Those who choose Panthevm are looking for onestyletimeless and gives value totradition.

He is looking for old and newemotionsin 
a harmonic synthesis that blends the charm of the greatbeautyin modernity.
This we want to convey to the wearer of ours

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